Broadway is a London based homelessness charity, providing accommodation for people who suffer from
alcohol or substance abuse, mental health issues or physical ill health or who have a history of offending.
These people would have previously been homeless and living on the streets, but are placed in supported
accommodation by this charity before they move on to independent living.  What I wanted to do was get
behind the stigma attached to this and give a voice to these people who I believe are often ignored,
feared or misunderstood by society.  My idea behind this project was to get to know these people and,
in doing so, capturesome of the emotions they feel when talking about their past, present and future.
Meeting the people supported by this charity was a unique experience.  The stories they told me were
fascinating yet also filled me with sadness.  Many of them do not have future plans and will continue to
be trapped in what seems to be a bleak existence for many years and possibly for the rest of their life.